2021 Haudenosaunee Art Show, images depict 2021 artist submissions

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2021 Hodinöhsö:ni’ Art Show

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2021 Results

Best in Show: “Gas Mask” by Dallin Maybee (Northern Arapaho/ Seneca)

1st Place Basketry: “Words That Come Before All Else- Thanksgiving” by Ronnileigh (Onondaga, Eel Clan) & Stonehorse Goeman (Seneca, Hawk Clan)

2nd Place Basketry: “Handkerchief Basket” by Penelope Minner (Seneca, Turtle Clan)

3rd Place Basketry: “Patch Me” by Carrie Hill (Mohawk)

Honorable Mention Basketry: “Made You Look Again” by: Carrie Hill (Mohawk)

1st Place Beadwork: “Land Back: Thanksgiving Haudenosaunee Land” by Sayo:'kla Kindness Williams (Oneida of Wisconsin)

2nd Place Beadwork: “Growth” by Anna Thompson (Mohawk, Turtle Clan)

3rd Place Beadwork: “Martha & George- Passenger Pigeon Passage” by Mary Clause (Mohawk)

Honorable Mention Beadwork: “Twin Birds” Mary Jacobs (Seneca Nation, Turtle Clan)

1st Place Fine Art 2D: “This is you” by Luanne Redeye (Seneca, Hawk Clan)

2nd Place Fine Art 2D: “Transition” by Candace Snook (Mohawk, Snipe Clan)

3rd Place Fine Art 2D: “Rez Dogs” by Bruce Boots (Mohawk)

Honorable Mention Fine Art 2D: “Children's Day” by Barry Powless (Onondaga)

1st Place Fine Art Sculpture: “Stolen Dreams” by Ronnileigh (Onondaga, Eel Clan) & Stonehorse Goeman (Seneca, Hawk Clan)

2nd Place Fine Art Sculpture: “Sister Love” by Katsitsionni Fox (Mohawk, Bear Clan)

3rd Place Fine Art Sculpture: “Leather Weaved Skydome Backpack” By Shannon David (Mohawk)

Honorable Mention Fine Art Sculpture: “The Iroquois Tree of Peace” by David Farnham (Onondaga, Beaver Clan)

1st Place Photography: “Healing” by Hayden Haynes (Seneca, Deer Clan)

2nd Place Photography: “Giving Gratitude” by Marjorie Skidders (Mohawk)

3rd Place Photography: “Pathways of a Father” by Kathryn Hopkins (Seneca, Turtle Clan)

Honorable Mention Photography: “Wisdom Keepers” by Laticia McNaughton (Six Nations Mohawk, Wolf Clan)

1st Place Traditional Art: “Child’s Bear/ Cat Cornhusk Hat” by Penelope Minner (Seneca, Turtle Clan)

2nd Place Traditional Art: “Cornhusk Moccasins” by Angel Doxtater (Mohawk, Turtle Clan)

3rd Place Traditional Art: “Garden Medicine” by Katsitsionni Fox (Mohawk, Bear Clan)

Honorable Mention Traditional Art: “A Family Portrait” by Tammy Rahr (Cayuga, Turtle Clan)

Our 2021 Art Show Featured $17,500 in prizes


This show was made possible by the generous support of Thaw Charitable Trust.